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City of Grand Prairie recommendation

Landmark Letter of Recomendation

November 3,2006

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to introduce Hasen Construction Services, a company we had the good fortune to work with in a CM role on construction ofa 70,000 sf steel fabrication facility in 2006.

Although this project had been started by another firm, Hasen quickly assimilated with Landmark and the engineering team in a seamless transition.

Effective communication is key to any successful project and we were very satisfied with their performance in this regard; from on site supervision, to estimating and construction management, the client was kept well informed.

We were impressed by their team's discipline in executing a best cost buyout and quickly mobilizing the subcontractors. Through effective negotiations, value engineering and work flow management, our project came on line within the 4.2 mil budget and on schedule.

Landmark came away a very satisfied client. We look forward to future projects with Hasen Construction Services.

If I can provide further information about our experience, please contact me at (817) 439-8888.

Yours truly,

Mike Lamon
Vice President