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Design Build.

Hasen Design Build & Development, Inc. is proud to be the only Design Build Institute of America (DBIA) certified design build professional organization to have their corporate offices in the City of Fort Worth.

Design Build is a proven method of project delivery where only one entity, the design-build team, works under one single contract directly with the project owner to provide design and construction services. Design Build has been proven to have a quicker start and quicker finish, without sacrificing quality. By reducing time spent on the project, the owner is essentially saving money and reducing project risks, compared to other traditional project delivery methods for most, if not all, projects. Design Build provides the owner a single point of contact and responsibility for the entire project from design through construction. This method is an expansion of the single contract system to include design as well as construction. A key aspect of the Design Build method is phased construction which can provide the owner beneficial use of the structure well before it would under the more traditional linear construction arrangement.

Another key aspect of the Design Build method is the team concept, which is inherent through a contractual relationship between the builder and designer. This collaborative relationship has proven to increase creativity between the designer and builder for the benefit of the owner. By using Design Build, the project delivery works something like this: the owner manages only one contract with a single point of responsibility and works directly with the Design Build team, who handles sub-consultants. The designer and contractor are on the same team, providing unbiased and cost-reducing recommendations.

Design Assist.

HASEN provides Design Assistance to the owner to help take advantage of the benefits of Design Build such as collaboration, creativity, constructability, value engineering, budgeting, and scheduling. These services are typically provided at the beginning, as early as conceptual design, through construction permitting. Most owners find this service to be beneficial to the projects bottom line. During this method, one or more subcontractors are retained to specifically assist either the architect, engineer, or construction manager in the design developments and construction documents. It is best compared as an additional security layer, to ensure everything is according to plan and regulations.

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