Construction Management

At HASEN Design Build & Development, we use the construction management approach to treat project planning, design, and construction integrated tasks within a specific construction system.  It utilizes specialized techniques that focus on the planning, design and construction of a project, from start to finish. Construction Management controls a project’s cost, quality and overall time. Owners engage and trust HASEN to function as an arm of their own staff and act as an agent for an agreed fee. By providing professional project management services to the project owner, our objective is to achieve the highest quality possible while keeping costs at a minimum and achieving the best schedule.

In the Construction Management at-risk scenario, the project owner will hire HASEN at cost, plus a fee. This provides owners with the opportunity to not only review the competitive bids, but to also help select the best and most qualified subcontractors for the project at hand. Under this method, the finances are open and disclosed to the parties involved. Both parties then work together to control overall costs and share savings opportunities. In order to control a project’s time, cost and quality, the construction manager is in charge of leading a team of specialists that oversee different aspects that include scheduling, cost estimating, safety, design, construction inspection, risk management, quality assurance, amongst other necessary things. These services can range from merely coordinating the subcontractors during the construction phases of the project to broad scale responsibilities over the entire project.  Our construction management department allows a streamlined overall project and role distribution, creating accountability and offering assurance.

Construction Management leads a team that performs completely different functions from one another, typically comprised of individuals and groups from different organizations who are accustomed to different techniques and practices. That is why the Construction Manager’s job is to skillfully guide the different parties to deliver the completed project on time, without exceeding the budget and with exceptional quality. At HASEN, we take this role very serious, and handle each project with the best executed management and process configuration to provide a service second to none. It is expected by the client, and expected by our team.  Simply put, it is the only way we handle our business.