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At HASEN Design Build & Development, our general contracting services are considered exemplary because we truly commit ourselves to the construction project that is presented. Each job is a priority to our team, and we are proud of our reputation in this area.  With General Contracting services, the general contractor manages and hires subcontractors while remaining the primary person of contact with the construction clients. We ultimately oversee and manage all aspects of the construction project, including managing and hiring the subcontractors and laborers needed to complete it. The general contractor is often referred to as the project supervisor, because that is exactly what we do – we supervise the entire project.

We offer general contracting services to clients that need only one point of contact to bring together all of the diverse elements and inputs of the construction process into a single, coordinated effort. This provides less stress to the client, and the assurance and guarantee of the project’s success. General contracting reduces construction risks, as well as assuring a budget is kept under control.

Some of our duties include, but are not limited to, interaction with the architect, gathering and evaluating of bids, providing skilled labor, resolving issues and arranging permits associated with needed inspections  Specifically:

  • Interacting with the Architect
    • Both parties review project plans together before any of the work begins. In the event that problems arise during construction, the architect communicates to the general contractor first to come up with a collaborative solution.
  • Providing Skilled Labor
    • We have the necessary skills to handle providing labor tasks that are required on a project, which is one of the ways we assure our projects remain on schedule.
  • Resolving Issues
    • Our general contractors are often on-site, assuring that the work is completed with quality and standard. This allows us to handle problems and provide solutions as they arise, and provide an immediate solution.
  • Arranging Permits
    • We meet with the inspectors on-site and work with them to correct any requested changes or adjustments.
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