Our pre-construction services provide owners a formal approach to preliminary planning, which includes, but is not limited to, defining the project, identifying and planning for potential issues, and analyzing overall cost impacts.

Value Engineering

Using Value Engineering, HASEN has the opportunity to suggest changes in the plans or specifications that ultimately result in cost savings and money efficiency to the owner. Cost reductions to the overall project schedule happen during the design phase. Our years of experience and area expertise proves that when the project owner, designer and contractor, work cooperatively, it can significantly reduce the required construction time and life-cycle cost of a project without sacrificing the design. Project planning and strategic management make this possible.  This step in the process can step can ultimately reduce construction time, labor costs and overall budget.

The primary benefits of Pre-Construction and Value Engineering include a defined basis to make the best and most informed decision.  This process typically takes from two to twelve weeks, and provides and an opportunity for all parties to stay informed in each phase, and allocate each dollar of investment in the projectBy preparing for the project and laying everything out upfront, surprise costs and risks are eliminated, allowing a seamless construction process.


Constructability is a process that HASEN uses to review the construction means and methods for the project design at all phases of the project. The use of this process helps identify costly obstacles before the project begins in order to reduce or prevent construction site errors, delays, and cost overruns. Constructability makes each person accountable for the project timeline and helps avoid going over budget. Every step of the construction process is carefully analyzed, planned for, and a clear path forward is scheduled.  Execution plans are presented and roles are distributed accordingly. In this step, the client benefits from risk analysis, basis of design, equipment list, general arrangements, site plan and site evaluation, analysis of the manufacturing process, and utility diagrams.  In addition, HASEN offers manufacturing suggestions that include comparing costs of purchasing raw materials instead of buying directly from suppliers.  This detailed level of planning and analysis utilized by HASEN is a significant benefit to the client and project.